Jack irons and Eddie Vedder just opened for RHCP in seattle

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Fucking awesome

Flea came out and introduced jack irons, he played some contemporary drum solos and it was radical!! Then jack brought out Eddie and they performed a song together!! There was maybe 1/6 capacity in key arena because they did it so early. A very cool surprise!
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    It's a hopeless situation...
  • No



    * Gawd I'd hope they might want to do Vancouver as well! Tomorrow. Yah?
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    It was sick!!! They played shine on you crazy diamond
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    Only the one song? Amazing either way
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    Jack played 3 total, Vedder joined him for 1
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    Sweet! Really makes you wonder why he didn't show up for Temple show?
    It's a hopeless situation...
  • Beauty man.

    Great song to play together and for you to get!
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    That's pretty sweet. And for EV to reach out to Jack for that. Cool.
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    Best part of the night, if I might say so. My back gave out right when the chili peppers came on... shitty!
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    They also did that song at the Ohana Festival last year
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    100 Pacer said:

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    that was sweet!! I love jack's drumming style.
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  • Wish Eddie would have done that in New York. Sitting through Jacks Irons' set was painful.
  • Good warm up for Given to fly at the RnR HoF
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    Jealous. Best years creatively speaking for this band by far. Miss him badly when I hear the robot like MC nowadays all the time. Happy for
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    I really enjoyed Jack's set at MSG. lucky you to get EV too!
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  • Fantastic!
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    mcgruff10 said:

    that was sweet!! I love jack's drumming style.

    Hell yeah. Jack irons style is the best imo
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    Awesome! We were lucky enough to catch the show in Vancouver last night, minus Eddie of course but thought it was a great show. Fwiw we really enjoyed Trombone Shorty as well.
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    DJ253147 said:

    Awesome! We were lucky enough to catch the show in Vancouver last night, minus Eddie of course but thought it was a great show. Fwiw we really enjoyed Trombone Shorty as well.

    Trombone Shorty and Orleans Ave put on a terrific show. I first saw them in 2011 opening for DMB. 'Glad to hear you enjoyed the show.
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    I was wondering why they changed the time of the show. had to trade in my tickets so I missed Jack's first songs. When I go to my seats, they introduced Ed, I was so excited I forgot to hit the 'record button' only got video after Ed finished singing...it was still fucking awesome.
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