Playing Even Flow correctly

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I hardly ever see people play the chorus chords to Even Flow correctly. Yes Stone plays it in Open D Tuning - DADF#AD (low to high) but he adds in other notes besides just barring the 12th, 10th, and 8th frets. Maybe it's because all the tabs out there show this. Watch any video of him playing it and you'll see him do this: Flow.pdf?dl=0

Here's a video of me playing it:

Please correct me if I'm wrong here.

Just don't pay attention to me fumbling the lick that connects the solo to the chorus....

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  • You may b onto something. Is that your "Mike" side on the left and "Stone" on the right? It's a little hard to tell with the music turned up loud in the background to distinctly hear everything you are doing. But from what I hear you've done a great job, and have a better version of that down than I do at this point.
    Nice chops!

    BTW: you don't happen to live in Charlotte, NC area do you? Trying to find people to jam with (I play everything, best at drums and bass) and would love to find heavily PJ influenced people to play with.

    Keep on rockin'
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