What headphones do you recommend?

I'm looking for some headphones in about the $150 range (or less). I hate the way earbuds feel, but never ventured out and bought a pair of decent quality headphones before.
Is there one that you swear by? Four I have been looking at so far are ATH m50x, Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, Bose Truesound and Sennheiser 558.
Doing lots of reading while traveling for the holidays it seems like the most recommended ones are ATH m50x, so those are at the top of my list. I was also looking at Sennheister Momentum 2.0-they retail for $350 but were on sale for just about $200 so if they are as good as the reviews say I'd be willing to put up the extra cash for that sale. Also looking at Bose Truesound because I saw a pair on sale for about $80, and same with Sennheiser 558.
The problem is I cant find any in local stores, my best bet was Best Buy said I could order them online and I have 2 weeks to return them if I don't like them, so I did. Now just hoping to decide and return 3 of them before my credit card statement comes in.
I play a lot of vinyl (only missing Binaural when it comes to original pressings, and that's only because I didn't have my turntable in my dorm room at the time and didn't want to spend the $20 as a broke college student, but didn't know in a couple years they'd be selling for $300+ on ebay!). But my setup isn't really suitable for plugging in phones and listening. This would mostly be for things like traveling, relaxing in bed when my wife is reading or sleeping, or listening to music when it is going to disturb the rest of the house from my iPhone. Based on that I've all but ruled out the S 558, but still am a little curious based on what I've read about them and the price of $80, and maybe one day I'll update my record player and plug in. I've recently ripped several of my CD's into the highest definition available to see if it makes a difference.
They should be arriving in a day or 2, but looking for any input to consider in the meantime. Would $200 for Momentums be wasting money if I'm just using an iPhone? Any others I should be checking out?


  • Bose have always been top notch. I've dabbled with Sennheiser and other brands, but always come back to Bose- even the 'cheaper' ones.

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    My #1 recommendation every single time (go back and read the hundred other headphone threads) is the Sony MDR-7506. Best bang for the buck, widely accepted as an industry standard. I really like the whole Sony MDR line, even the $20 cans.

    Since you are looking for something portable, though, you want to make sure that whatever device you are using to plug your headphones into will be capable of driving the cans with adequate power. You won't be able to take full-scale studio headphones and plug them into your iPod; it will be massively underpowered and sound like crap. Some headphones have built-in amplifiers, and some are wireless, so are adequately self-powered.

    If you plan on being out in the world, you may not want something super-isolating, since you will want to hear things happening around you. I always chuckle a little at ads where someone is wearing these huge Beats headphones while walking through a busy crowd in downtown Manhattan, presumably listening to some really loud hip-hop with super bass. That person can't hear shit happening around them. Conversely, you don't want something big and bulky for laying in bed at night next to your sleeping partner.
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  • Your iPhone will drive the Momentums just fine, but that last $100 or so on their RRP really comes down to the premium pricing intended to match their beautiful appearance. Which is to say, they're a luxury item and priced to reflect that, but aren't necessarily technically superior to either the ATH-M50x or MDR-7506. That said, the Momentums really are beautiful, and if I didn't need my headphones to do double duty as a critical listening device, I'd definitely grab a pair for $200.
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    Thanks for the input. Maybe I just suck st thread searches, I figured people have asked before but when I searched for headphones there were hundreds of hits and the first few dozen I scrolled through I couldn't find an answer.
    I've tried all on my list but the m50x. So far the Momentums are a clear winner. I was impressed with the Sony MDR 7506, like them a lot more than I though I would, even more than the Bose soundtrue II. But the momentums kick butt. They definitely have that luxury item look and feel, but they sound a lot better to me too, and a lot more portable than any others I've considered. I've never really liked head phones because I never had more than a $10 pair, now I'm realizing what I've been missing!
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    In that price range try to find a deal on the HD598, lots better than the 558. Check out mass drop for the drops they do, can find the AKG 7xxx on there for a great deal from time to time, also the Hifiman HE350, I have the Hifiman HE300 and absolutely love them. The Philips SHP9500 is also a fan favorite that can be bad for very cheap. Some good headphones recommended but if you stray from the tried and true you can get some great value and performance.
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    No really, the Nun brand are great
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    A horse once heard Stone Gossard playing guitar on the other side of a wall. And that, my friends, is where giraffes came from.
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    A horse once heard Stone Gossard playing guitar on the other side of a wall. And that, my friends, is where giraffes came from.
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    I stumbled across this playlist on Spotify: Songs to test headphones with. :)

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    I've been really impressed with the Shure cans I've owned. SRH-440 is a great contender for right around $100.00. I have a set of 240's too. They're not as nice but sound pretty similar to the more expensive models.

    The best "feature" of the Shure cans is that they sound flat across the frequency range. A lot of headphones, especially cheaper models and Beats sound overhyped in the lower registers for my taste.
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    Gotta bump this one. 

    Was at Guitar Center killing time and thought: What the hell, why not check out headphones?

    I took my time, listened to every pair on display. Pioneer, Yamaha, Sony, Sennheiser, Shure, AKG, Beyer Dynamic and Audio-Technica were the big ones but there were a couple others, too.

    I had been contemplating the Senn HD-380s for a while but side by side, they were no match for the AT M50x. 

    It had been a few years since I checked out cans but those M50xs sounded better than I remember. Better than everything else in the store, to my ear.

    I brought them home. The Shures I've been using will be relegated to use at my office or if I need an extra pair for recording.

    If you haven't already checked these out, they are absolutely worth the cost. Total standout in a pretty crowded field.
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