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    So I'm going to be the guy to break the trend of glowing reviews.

    I was so excited for this show. Ended up literally on the right (stone) side on the floor, many rows back. 14th in my section. The energy in the LA Forum on Monday just felt flat to me. It never felt like many of the numerous PJ shows I've been to. The band sounded great however. Chris' voice is amazing, all of them sounded great, and Mike way over on the other side looked like he was really enjoying himself. Maybe they were feeling a different energy, but I wasn't getting any of it from my section or when I would look into the upper sections. Mike seemed like he took a while to get into the solo on Reach down. Not feeling it either?

    A large chunk of my show was being distracted by the wall of phones videoing the entire fucking concert. One guy even had his light set to come on every time he'd record video. That's the worst I've seen at a concert in a long time. PUT YOUR FUCKING PHONES AWAY. I'd be fine if venues would take your fucking phone from you. Several times someone in security would come by to shine a light at someone's phone, but they seemed to be totally inconsistent on who they picked on. I had to encounter too many people who were too drunk to function. Someone who tried to crawl over seats to bust his ass and spill his full beer, not on me luckily. No one who knew the words. FLAT ENERGY FLAT ENERGY FLAT ENERGY.

    Sounded good. Looked good. But there was no energy and just annoying fans around me. Brought my fiance with me for the first time to a fan club show and that's not the experience I wanted to give her.

    LA, you suck as a city and as fans. Sorry to break the trend.
    P.S. I hate reserve seating on the floor.
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    Hey Matt.Watt I learned that about LA audiences when living in North Hollywood for a few years. Rarely ever have I been at a rock concert in LA and have the crowd be even half as excited as I am. It was the worse at a solo Cornell show at the Roxy some years ago. Cornell was sounding amazing, performing in this tiny venue, and yet the majority of those around me were talking and not even paying attention to the magic on stage. Some wouldn't even clap, no one knew the lyrics, it was a pathetic display. Ever since that show I've avoided seeing my favorite bands in "LA." Vedder at Ohana didn't have that feel thankfully couple months ago.
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    I have a fun story from that night:

    I went to the show by myself and got there super early. I had a floor seat at the end of the row on the outside. I was on my phone when I saw a tiny grey kitten scurry past me. I saw it run into the curtains behind me (not ones that led backstage, dang it) next to a security guard. I went searching behind the curtains and grabbed the kitten. She was feisty and understandably terrified so she bit me a few times before I was able to grab her.

    When I finally had her I held her inside my jacket and was relieved when the security guard said," Oh you found her!" Apparently, the staff at the coliseum had been searching for her because they have the mother and the other kittens and they wanted to take them all to a no kill shelter. As a cat person, this warmed my heart. The security lady called other guards to escort me and the kitten to part of the venue where they had a roomy cage for her. As I passed the ushers at their posts, they were all so excited that the kitten was safe.

    Once the kitten was in the cage, I asked the staff what they planned on doing and they told me they'd take her to a vet with her family. One of the managers and the paramedic that bandaged my fingers were interested in adopting her which made me so happy because a 5 hour drive back to Las Vegas with a scared kitten wouldn't have been ideal.

    I was so impressed with the staff at The Coliseum and their big hearts. Best part of all, this whole saga happened before the show and once I got back to my seat, I still had time to spare before the opening act. And one of security guards hooked me up with a setlist! Score!

    I'm a nail tech so I did this set for the show!

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