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Stay up-to-date on the band's activism, giving projects, and news about their non-profit, the Vitalogy Foundation. Share your personal activism, giving, and political projects with fellow fans and keep the ACTS of kindness coming!
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    Neat! And I feel special.
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    Second in the new section
  • This will be a very active forum!
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    Nice eBay auction going on in ACTS...
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    I am very proud to be a fan. :)
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    severed hand thirteen

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  • Boom
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    I've met Rob


    This place is dead


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    Added Vitalogy foundation as my Amazon Smile organization. Thanks PJ for all you do for this world and communities everywhere!!! :smiley:
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    whats the best version of breath?
    Wait, this isnt Given To Live?! :smiley:

    Nice work guys
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    well done!
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    Sweet!! :)
  • Acts people, Acts!
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    Steve Gleason rocks. One of the pinnacles of Wrigley was getting to see him on stage w/ the boys introducing Inside Job :smiley: (and particularly poignant coming on the heels of having just seen his movie the week prior)
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    Oh cool, good idea. :) (at first I thought this was going to be a whole forum just for RNDM, lol)

    So what is this forum for exactly? Obviously talking about PJ's philanthropy and whatnot... but is it just meant for charity and philanthropy issues in general? Like a place where people can post their own causes, a place for news about charities and causes, etc, issues that are supported or brought up through charity or political protest/support, or...? Like if someone is collecting donations for the Democratic Party, is this where they'd ask for money? Or people who launch a gofundme campaign for someone who needs help? Or can I start a thread just all about IFAW because it's a charity I care about? I am just curious about 10C's intent here, aside from having a place to highlight causes/events that are supported by the band.
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  • ^^^
    I am a little confused as to what this section is for as well.
    This ACTS link is already part of the menu screen. (between video and shop).
    Also why is the first post a thread you have to click first in order to read?
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    19th in new section :)
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    Love it!
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    Added Vitalogy foundation as my Amazon Smile organization. Thanks PJ for all you do for this world and communities everywhere!!! :smiley:

    Hmmmm... Vitalogy Foundation or Wishlist Foundation? Decisions...
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    Random ACTS of kindness? Or RAKS for short!?!
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    :clap: :rock_on:
    Oh please let it rain today.
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    Good job!
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    Great to hear about this, looking forward to all the great things you guys are doing.
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    great idea!!!!
    thanks Sea!!
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  • Very cool
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    No one's posted anything yet. It's like a 6th grade dance around here, everyones on the sidelines staring at each other.
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    This is cool to have this up front & at the top as "Giving-back, speaking out and being accountable have guided Pearl Jam from the beginning" indeed and has always been a central theme of the band at every concert and in their music. With all the divisiveness in the world, it's a great reminder it's not all bad. Thanks Sea!
  • Acts people, Acts!

    Please explain to all of us that don't understand this new category.
    Clearly you get it.
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