Wriggled 8/22 - Trade reserved Fanclub ticket for GA?

I have 1 (possibly 2) reserved Fanclub tickets for Wrigley 2, and am hoping to trade for GA tickets. I have a very low FC number so should be great seats! Message me if interested. I'm planning on picking up the tickets today, so will have more info on the seats later this afternoon


  • I'm interested in purchasing your extra! Let me know.
  • Sorry, I don't have an extra to sell. Just looking to trade if someone doesn't want to be pushed around in GA and wants a good seat
  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,375
    Same here, looking to trade reserved for GA
  • thebuilderthebuilder Rifle, COPosts: 71
    I also have two reserved fan club I'm looking to trade for two GA for monday
    Feel free 2 feel free
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