Electric Guitars and Open Chords ... ?

Any suggestions for the best electric guitar when playing backup rhythm...mainly open major chords... Thanks!
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  • ehbaconehbacon Posts: 1,908
    for what price range?
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  • dudemandudeman Posts: 1,569
    Lots of factors to consider. What style of music? How many guitarists are in your band? What amp are you planning to use?
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  • Need some more info.
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    Rock and roll..beatles to janes addiction with a little pj here and there....marshall amp...I would be second gutarist...4 piece band. Thanks for any suggestions :)
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    Can spend up to 1000
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  • dudemandudeman Posts: 1,569
    If you're the second guitar player, I would be looking at Gibson Les Paul Specials or used SG Standards. They are fat sounding and I always had a soft spot in my heart for the Gibson & Marshall combination.
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  • mccreadyisgodmccreadyisgod Bumfuq, MTPosts: 6,395
    My first thought was Rickenbacker, but not for under $1k.

    I would suggest anything with high-output single coils, like the P-90 or DeArmond 2k pickups. So, Les Paul or SG with P-90s or a Gretsch or DeArmond with the 2ks. I think that would produce great open-chord rhythm tone. Light overdrive, or play around with light compression. Does the Marshall amp have tubes, or is it solid-state?
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  • rollingsrollings unknownPosts: 6,709
    I suggest Eleanor rigby and dice
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 30,382
    my suggestion is to go to a music shop, plug in & figure out what fits you. even if it doesn't 100% "fit" your bands sound, it's your guitar & you'll probably be playing it for awhile. even if it doesn't fit your band's sound, you can always add a pedal or 2 to beef it up/tone it down.
  • gimmesometruth27gimmesometruth27 St. Fuckin LouisPosts: 16,092
    depends on what sound you are going for. don't get something with distortion pickups in it if you are going to be playing some lighter/cleaner sounding stuff. i made the mistake of putting duncan distortions into one of my les pauls and i fucked it all up. i could not get a clean tone out of that pickup at all. i ended up having them switched back to the stock pickups.

    i am a marshall/gibson man myself. i favor les pauls and sgs. i have an old firebird with minihumbuckers in it and it is pretty much a badass versatile guitar.
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  • mccreadyisgodmccreadyisgod Bumfuq, MTPosts: 6,395
    I should have thought of mini humbuckers, which would also make for pretty good rhythm tone.
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    thanks for the input ... no decision yet but the gibson e 339 has caught my eye ... may have to spend a little more than i want to.
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  • JWPearlJWPearl Posts: 19,893
    strange my instructor told me that its still an f if i choose to leave my finger on a and leave out the e, is that true bc my dad says it dont sound like an f, if anybody can enlighten me
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  • Yea McreadyIsGod. Thinking of throwing a mini into one of my teles. Goddam Pete townshend.
  • Half breed tele deluxe
  • mccreadyisgodmccreadyisgod Bumfuq, MTPosts: 6,395
    I have a pair of P-90s in a Tele Deluxe. Now Fender is making exactly the same thing (although I got my P-90s from Lindy Fralin).

    There are Teles out there with a Gibson-style (usually Seymour Duncan) mini-humbucker in the neck position. I've had hands on a few, and they're really nice. The middle pickup position is very nice; I'd love to try one with 4-way Tele switching.
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  • rgambsrgambs Posts: 10,469
    My buddy has a PRS that is amazing with open string chords, it is one of the lower end stock models and it is a beauty.
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