Baby Sale: Wrigley Sticker, Avacado/Irving Plaza T-shirt, Chicago 10c Show Poster

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A future PJ fan is expected to arrive any day now, so I need to finish cleaning out his new closet. Prefer paypal F/F and I'll add shipping based on UPS ground rate to your zip code. All items in great condition, posters have been stored rolled in tubes. Happy to provide images at your request.

Red/Blue Wrigley Sticker - $10
B/W Wrigley Patch - SOLD
Wrigley Sealed Card Pack - SOLD
Avacado T-Shirt from Irving Plaza show (L) - $30
Avacado pin set - SOLD
2004 Christmas Vinyl - FREE! w/ purchase of anything above

Chicago 07' Klausen Ten Club Show - $40
Cincinnati 14' - SOLD

Message me if you have any questions!
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