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Pittsburgh, PA May 12th unfortunately the audio sucks and you have to turn the bass down, I actually had to turn my bass to zero, which is a shame, but video is super high quality, so I figured someone might enjoy seeing it, because Soundgarden still kicks ass
The whole point of life is to be the best person you can possibly be and to make the world the best place you possibly can -Hank Kershell 1995
Who is the bigger fool? The person who suffers in reality? Or the person who creates their own reality where they are happy all the time? -Hank Kershell 2013
You decide if you are happy or not, no one else makes that decision for you, so why not be happy? I mean it beats the alternative, right? And listening to Pearl Jam makes me happy, so consequently I listen to a whole bunch of Pearl Jam -Hank Kershell 2014
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