Pittsburgh Pirates closer Jason Grilli's entrance video

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Reason # 2,835 that Pearl Jam needs to return to Pittsburgh. The Bucs' closer, Jason Grilli, has his entrance video played to the song "Whipping". Grilli's a bad ass closer and a great guy. Go Bucs!!!

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    I noticed they were scrolling the lyrics on the stats board under the big screen, pretty cool
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  • Thanks for the post. This made my night. Glad to see Grilli doin' well. He's from my neck of the woods, & also played awhile for the Detroit Tigers, as did his dad. Hope he has a great season.

    Side note: May have mentioned this before, but Tigers' infielder Danny Worth had "Breakerfall" as his walk-up music last year... DOPE!
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    Damn. I went to pnc the friday night of the frozen four. The game when b phillips hit two homers and cutch hit the go ahead dinger in the 7th. I left after the eigth. Wish i woulda stayed for that. I think clint barmes plays pj walkout, right?
  • Yeah, I think Barmes comes up to Alive. It is good to see Grilli doing well. His story about being a pretty high prospect and then battling back from serious injury issues is pretty inspiring stuff.
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    mstraub27" said:
    Yeah, I think Barmes comes up to Alive. It is good to see Grilli doing well. His story about being a pretty high prospect and then battling back from serious injury issues is pretty inspiring stuff.
    BTW, beautiful ballpark and city you got there. I was thinking the Pitt was going to be a shitty old industrial city, I couldn't have been more wrong. The ballpark is just gorgeous. It's comfortable and new, but has that old 1920's ballpark feel. The city was cool too. Good food up top mt washington, great people, and Primanti's kicked ass. Thanks for being great hosts.
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    I was struck for the first time while watching this how "Whipping" has kind of a surf song vibe, at least at the beginning. I love little influences like that, like the funk on Vs., especially w/ "Glorified G."
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    Just saw the Grilli video in person, hopefully he closes it out.
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    Its grilled cheese time?
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    Awesome, my second favorite off Vitalogy after Tremor Christ.
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    I was at the game last night. Coincidentally the Pirates were hosting Seattle. Barmes was coming out to Guns N Roses last night, not Alive, I'm wondering why it was changed it annoyed me. Then that got me lamenting the fact that PJ hasn't been here in PIT since '06. But it was cool to hear Whipping blasting throughout the park when Grilled Cheese came out to preserve the win.
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    So...will the boys dedicate "Whipping" to Grilli? I'd love it, as I've never heard the song live.
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    And now Jason "PJ" Grilli can't close out an inning for us; including last nights 7th inning two-run homer he gave up against the Cubs when we had the lead. He can't close out innings now after 2 outs and that really sucks!

    Maybe he is tanking innings to attend the October 11 show. Who knows?
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    Looks like this thread deserves a bump.
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