PJ Radio played a Mogwai song today

EarlWelshEarlWelsh Buffalo, NYPosts: 560
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I was listening to PJ Radio in my car about 45 minutes ago and tuned in to hear the second half of 'Travel Is Dangerous' by Mogwai. Anyone catch that? They're one of my favorite bands and I was just curious as to why they were on, not that there's anything wrong with it. I'm just used to hearing other bands played as part of the 'Impact Tracks' and figured that wouldn't be the reason. Anyone have any insight?
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  • PapPap Serres, GreecePosts: 7,612
    They also play cover bands (Gaslight Anthem) and bands which members of the band have previously collaborated with (Star Anna). I don't know which category Mogwai falls in. Maybe the second one?
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    I heard it too. Jeff "announced" them stating they were one of the great instrumental bands or something along those lines. I tuned in just as he was talking..I assumed it was an "impact track".
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    Yes, it's one of Jeff's hand picked Impact Tracks. I love that he's got us playing Elbow as well, a band I had never heard until seeing at the Isle of Wight Festival. Fairly unknown in America, but 80,000 people there knew every word!
  • EarlWelshEarlWelsh Buffalo, NYPosts: 560
    Thanks for the info! Elbow's great. 'Asleep In the Back' is such a good record.
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    I love Elbow. What song are you playing on PJ Radio? We used "One Day Like This" as one of the songs in our wedding ceremony.

    Their 2008 album, The Seldom Seen Kid won the mercury prize, it's a classic album everyone should own. You might especially like the album version they re-recorded with the BBC Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios. http://elbow.co.uk/home
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