no opening act for Soundgarden

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To my surprise when I walked in Constitution Hall last night Soungarden was on stage. The doors opened at 730 and they went on at 800. They played for 2hrs and 40 minutes and they were incredible but i missed the first 4 songs. I had no idea there was not an opening act. Matt was classing up the joint, as usual. i am not sure if the entire tour is like that but if your going get to your spot 30 minutes after doors open. Peace.
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  • Thanks for the heads up. Going to the Chicago show in a couple weeks.
  • Incredible show. They played tunes from "Loud Love" which was awesome. I always like looking around the venue and watching the difference in the crowd when they play "Loud Love" compared to "Black Hole Sun". Brings back great memories from the 90's minus the moshing. Enjoy. Are they playing a small venue in Chicago? Constitution Hall was 3000 seats, loved every minute of it.
    A truant finds home and a wish to hold on but theres a trapdoor in the sun Over 20 shows attended, remember at least half
  • on my way to see them tonight, was wondering about opening act, thanks!
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    Thanks for posting. Going Tuesday!
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    I'll be prepared for that...was kind of expecting Mudhoney was gonna open.
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  • I kind of wish Pearl Jam would do the same thing. They play long enough to make it an evening with situation and could even split it into two sets a la Rush, give Eddie a break and give people a piss break besides even flow.
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  • Thanks for the head's up. Seeing them tonight!
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  • They played TWO hours and 40 minutes !?!

    Holy fuck. They are beefing up there sets big time.
    I saw them twice in a row (Philly and Borgata) in 2011 or 2012 (?) and it was definitely a good bit shorter than all that.

    The Carolinas really got fucked out of Soundgarden. Rained out at Rebellion Fest in Charlotte, no other date in the area. :(

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    The Atlanta shows were like that. No opener.
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