Ideas for good name for a rock\metal\grunge BAR?

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Contemplating opening up a bar in my area to cater to those folks who like loud music with very little pretense. Some metal, some rock, some punk. No hipster shit. No alt-country. No pop bullshit. No emo.
DEFINITELY no f-u-c-k-i-n-g D U B S T E P!

Struggling on a name.
My favorite grunge inspired name right now is The Rusty Cage, but i don't really think that is a smash hit.
Anyone got ideas? It doesn't have to be directly seattle related or anything, just looking for a concise name that conveys the notion of a non-pretentious dive rock venue fairly quickly.

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    mookeywrench" said:
    The Pit
    i like this one.
  • If i ever opened a bar it would be called THE PORCH. Its yours to have.
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    [quote="mookeywrench"]The Pit
    i like this one.[/quote]

    As do I.
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