Awolnation - "Sail" check it out.



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    never really got into them. but then again haven't heard too many songs from them.
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  • check out this article i wrote for and awolnation fansite regarding their opening slot on the prophets of rage tour!


    I was surprised that the crowd wasn't more into AWOL but I guess they were only interested in RAGE...

    Third time seeing AWOL and they killed it as usual.
    oh damn.. i thought i included it.
    Just read it. Good review. I've seen them 3 times now and have thoroughly enjoyed them every time. I got to do the meet and greet with them last tour and the band couldn't have been nicer, they signed my EP even though a few members weren't a part of that. I talked to Aaron about the first time I saw them and he did a flip into the crowd during their first song. He then told me that he had a concussion from that. When the crowd threw him back on stage he missed the stage and slammed his head hard. The rest of the band was interested in the story too, lol.

    I did ask how the drop on Run would transform live and the keyboardist Kennys eyes lit up and said "you'll enjoy it, you'll be pleasantly surprised!" Well I was very happy with how it turned out live.

    Great shows. See them if you have the opportunity!
    Ive seen them about 6 times now (would have been 8 but they cancelled their summer tour :anguished: ) and i swear they get better every time. Ive also never seen them with the same lineup all 6 times that i've seen them! Ive never done a meet and greet, but i really want too. I miss their old antics when Aaron used to crowd surf and be crazy all the time. (reminiscent of a young EV) Seeing them at Voodoo Fest in 2012 is probably the best concert experience i've ever witnessed!

  • For those of you that care, Aaron is currently in the studio fleshing out songs for AWOL record #3..

    Controversy has arisen in the last 2 months as Kenny Carkeet, the force behind AWOLs live sound, has started a side project named "Fitness" and seems to be out of AWOLNATION as AWOLNATIONs social media used to be in the hands of Kenny, but now is in the hands of Aaron. Kenny has written malicious tweets about someone who has wronged him, changed his social media handles from "AWOL_Assassin" (his nickname in the band used to be Assassin) to "KennyCarkeet", and has failed to mention his involvement in any further AWOLNATION related things, where as he used to before.

    Aaron has mentioned that he wishes "alternative music" would go back to its guitar driven roots in the vain of Weezer, Radiohead, and various others. He hopes to change up AWOLNATIONs style on the next record and get most of his current band involved in the record. Around a half month ago, Aaron posted a picture to social media of him in the studio. Bass player Marc Walloch has also posted photos from inside Brunos private studio.

    Im sure no one on this forum really cares, but they are by far my favorite band behind Pearl Jam and i love to update the masses on their activities
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    Looks like Kenny confirmed yesterday he is no longer associated with AWOLNATION. Such a shame as he has been with the band since its inception. He is going off to do his own thing with Eve 6 singer Max Collins in an electro-alternative outfit known as "Fitness." Fitness will be play a show this weekend in LA, then some shows later in March in LA and Vegas. I suggest you check them out. Check out two songs they have released this year here:

    Aaron also offered an update on the album, telling fans via email he was drawing inspiration from the rainy weather in California, and big things are coming in 2017. He also hyped IRONTOMs new album, one he produced and will be featured on, slated for a early May release. AWOLNATION guitarist Zach Irons is in the band who will be opening for RHCP in May. Pre-order IRONTOMs new album and get their single "Brain Go."

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    check out this article i wrote for fansite AWOLNATION Builders on the state of the new album:
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    Catchy music, definitely interested to see what comes next.

    Though having seen them twice live, I wouldn't go out of my way to do so again. Both times they've had issues with the vocals being way too low and drowned out by the rest of the music. When it's balanced properly it's great but they seemed to struggle with getting the levels right throughout.
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