Any other pj family here have an idea for me? Okay not warp speed. A lot going on as well as others but I have a dream of music “landslide brought me down” but I likely may need a move any information and ideas? I have some experience with theater etc but my favorite was voice if not vision prevails willing to master or try anything. Figured if you all are not golfing with Biden and undoubtedly a lot of others I do like many different styles of music and I love listening to the occasional strain quick off key or catching what is just improv so ha it is impressive to me. Except for most hard core heavy music just because I like the music and vocals and am also becoming more sensitive to sound I know that legal is California mixing minn and nyc and fla has taken the place also for some recordings mixing. Not a city person. Really. Nyc is likely the major start although it did change over the years from 10? Where nyc directors etc saw minn as a theater and such. Boston and Ca does have schools but there is not really a whole lot anymore. Once established you can tour record mix any where. But some places even where I live used to, but there’s nothing. Otherwise voice teacher kept saying it is New York. Based out of Boston taped before a live studio audience in New York “all in the family” a lot did come from my area but I really don’t believe it is true any longer. CA has record label and sag aftra that aside except for film video on location I can’t from experience see much of this. PS any ideas welcome and brutal on me if someone can’t perform any more or a week ago even Tony Bennett literally retired. I do understand why but no it is difficult for me. Any one in Toni Cornell area please let her know I have faith that she can do more if she wishes to I would be honored to listen to her again. Nina Simone better than chenille #5. I was saddened to hear her say that. So I do have a wide range of music that I really like but any person who gets up on stage and performs the butterfly you try to ignore “can’t deny” name a band member who had it easy. I won’t be able to believe you #all respect people 


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