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  • Loujoe
    Hey. Tough luck on the mike pick. We hung after that denver show.
    The stagehand was taking apart the stage and pulled off the setlist. My friend asked him for it. He looked at her, cumbled it up tape and all in a ball and threw it in the trash by the stage. Friend asked another stagehand, who was nice, to grab the paper from the its framed with other stuff. Great lip, of the earth, ghost.
    June 21
    • prljmr316
      Wow, what a story that is. Best piece of trash I could ever think of! I'd have it framed to. That was such an awesome show, one of the longest ever, I was so blessd to be there and in the pit, even if I did miss out on the Mike pick! I got blessed again 2 years later being able to travel to Telluride for the Ride festival! I am a CO native, and had never been there, it is so far from everything, and pricey to get to, but I made it happen, miraculously somehow! Sure glad I did! We got Angel for the first time since 1994, and Society, first time as a band! Probably the best day of my life, no kidding! It was heavenly I tell you, and I am not religous by any means! Ended up going back a couple moths later to see Uncle Neil there, Such an incredible experience as well! My next goal is to finally travel out of state or country for my 6th PJ show! The 5 I have been to were all CO shows. Hope I get the chance sometime soon! Thanks again for the awesome PJ24 story!