Thanks for the response, please see below for answers 1) Did you ever consider putting some of the prints in a collage style format within an 18" by 24" frame? ..... I'm curious to hear if this is possible based on the size of photos/pages? Yes its possible, I think the larger photos are around 9" x 12", but there are various sizes and shapes in the book. Some photos are small like around 2" x 3", but I didn't use any of those. 2) Judging from some of the pages/prints you affixed to your shelving unit..... do the photos vary in size? Yes, there are some that are similar sized, but most are different slightly. I tried to use the full page photo for the top and sides. 3) How did you affix the photos to the wood? Mode Podge for Furniture-Matte finish, its awesome. You can get it at Michaels/craft stores. Good luck!



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