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  • pickupyourwill
    Hi old friend.  How are you?  I haven't been on here in years.  Life has been crazy.  I tried going full on Bernie last year and made enemies in the process here in Ohio. I'm so happy it turned out to be Biden and Harris.  Living in Ohio, I couldn't tell what was going on. I stopped watching the news completely this last year.  I got divorced also and started a new job.  I am also helping my friend, Laura, through her grief after losing her husband.  This has been an awful year with a lot of changes.  My son is handling everything really well though.  How are you and your family doing?
    January 19
    • brianlux
      Hi Julie! Long time no see you here. I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough time of it this last year. I know how difficult a divorce can be (have done that twice myself but am happy in my third marriage), so I hope things are going OK for you that way now. Sometimes those transitions, as painful as they can be, can turn out for the best. I hope that is so for you.

      Things are going well enough here. When the pandemic hit, I was just a couple months away from turning 69 so I figured those were good enough excuses to stop working in the store and concentrate on my on-line book sales. That has keep me fairly busy- that and walking every day to try to stay fit. So far, so good!

      Yes, so glad we have Biden and Harris coming into office- SOON, finally! I think thing will start getting better soon.

      Thanks for checking in. Keep in touch!