Any drummerz used KOSS "The plug"?

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I just bought a Zoom rt-123 drum machine and i need some good earphones or headphones and ive been told that the plug by KOSS is pretty good....any drummers have experience with these things or any other good ear or headphones??

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  • This may sound kinda cheap, but what I do is just use those little earphone speakers and put those headphone-things (like construction workers use, to block out noise) over top. It works great actually, but it sometimes can be a little bit uncomfortable.

    You can pick up those headphone-things at your local hardware store for pretty cheap.
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    I assume you want phones to play the drum machine while you drum along...???

    If so, go with an open-back over-the-ear set of phones. The open back will allow sound from your kit to reach your ears, but the over-the-ear design will keep the drum machine focused in your ears.

    If not, get closed-back over-the-ear phones. They're more isolated from what's going on around you.

    My Sennheiser HD280 phones are really good closed-back phones.
    ...and if you don't like it, you can suck on an egg.
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