ISO 1998 Vegas poster (Ghost Rider)

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Need Ghost Rider to complete a wall.

Trying to track down #44 if anyone here has it.

Things available for trade that even warrant being mentioned in this conversation (arguably):
- Manchester Chewie
- '98 Sydney
- Band-signed Irvine '03
- Emek Rome AP (original 2018) / SE also available
- Munk One EV Seattle 2011
- Williams Seattle Streaming Foil
- Hall/EV Dual-signed sketch
- Munk One Charlotte SE

More here

Also willing to do multiples, a trade & cash combo - or just straight cash.

Backstory on #44: When I graduated from college, my brother and some friends got me a S/N Vegas '98 direct from Ames as a graduation gift. Apparently in September 2006 (per EB), I sold it to somebody for $400. Unfortunately I have no recollection or record of who I sold it to, but I'm hoping they're around here somewhere. I would love to buy it back (obviously for considerably more than the original sale). :)
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    pm sent
    Halifax '05, Toronto '09, Toronto 2 '11, Hamilton '11, London '13, Chicago '13. Buffalo '13 , Leeds '14, Detroit '14, New York (GCF) '15, Ottawa '16, Toronto 1 '16, Toronto 2 '16
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    Figured with activity picking up around the tour it was worth bumping this again in case any visitors know where #44 is. :smile:
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