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BINAURAL - Better Band Podcast Season 6

BrandenBranden NevadaPosts: 148

Season Six Introduction - 

The first Pearl Jam album of the new millennium. The first with drummer Matt Cameron. The first with a ukulele. Join me as I take a look at the songs from the BINAURAL era…

The Better Band Podcast: 
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1995: 6.22 Sacramento, CA
1997: 11.14 Oakland, CA (Rolling Stones)
1998: 7.10 San Diego, CA; 7.16 Sacramento CA
2000: 10.22 Las Vegas, NV; 10.25 San Diego, CA; 10.28 San Bernardino, CA; 10.31 Mountain View, CA
2003: 6.01 Mountain View, CA; 6.02/6.03 Irvine, CA; 6.05 San Diego, CA; 6.06 Las Vegas, NV
2006: 7.06 Las Vegas, NV; 7.16 San Francisco, CA
2013: 11.26 Oakland, CA 


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