Dolby Atmos worth it?

I've been contemplating an upgrade to my home audio setup for a while now. I just have a Bose soundbar (purchased 4 years ago) attached to a TV. So I don't mind spending a bit of money on a good home theater system that I can use for several years.

I've been looking at the Sonos 5.1 system with their soundbar + sub-woofer + 2 speakers.

But I was wondering if it's better to wait for a few months and get a Dolby Atmos-compatible system once there are more of them on the market. Right now there are Atmos-compatible systems from LG, Samsung, etc. But Sonos and Bose will maybe (?) shift in that direction soon.



  • Tim SimmonsTim Simmons Posts: 5,996
    The Atmos is amazing for movies. I upgraded about a year and half ago and I don't regret anything. 

    You could always do a conventional sound system and add a Sonos component so you can stream music to it. While Sonos speakers sound really good, you can get better speakers for about the same price. 
  • @Tim Simmons Couple of questions if that's alright:
    - What about listening to music on the Atmos system?
    - What sound system do you have / would you recommend?
  • Tim SimmonsTim Simmons Posts: 5,996
    I've only heard 2 Atmos mixes for music. The Gigaton one and the Taylor Swift Reputation Live film on Netflix. Both sound amazing. I've heard Tidal has some Atmos albums, but have not checked it out. That being said, it's not very widespread for music. 

    I went big with my setup because I wanted a theater like setup. I have an Anthem receiver, a 4k Apple TV,  and Klipsch 7.1 surround package. I'd recommend it, but Anthems are up there in price. 

    Denon and Onkyo make great receivers in the $450-$600 range that decode Atmos and do great surround.

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