McCready’s 1959 Fender Strat pickups

Anyone have any detailed info on his 59 strat? I’ve been wondering if the pickups are stock or aftermarket.  Also, anyone know what amp settings he used on his old Marshall during the TEN days?


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    No? Nothing?
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    WEAPONX24 said:
    No? Nothing?
    Does this help?
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    Yeah I’ve seen that video. Cool stories about it but not much detail on the specifics of the start. 
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    Here’s a cool video I found as well...
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    WEAPONX24 said:
    Here’s a cool video I found as well...
    OK sorry, trying to help out.

    If it's stock then you could look up what they were on the original?
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    appreciate the help appreciate the help man. I’ve heard they’re stock pickups, but also herd they are fender custom shop Texas special pickups. Not sure which one. 
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    There are some good 1959 clones our there and I think the ones made by Klein are really good. Original 59 pickups can end up costing more than some decent guitars so I'd only grab a set of those if you really needed them and had the means to test them under several different playing conditions. 
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    Anyone have a good pic of his amp settings/pedal settings as well?
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    Can't remember where I read this but for some reason I think there are Van Zandt pickups in his '59 Strat... Maybe calling Mike Lull Guitar Works would reveal the answer...
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    I was reading more on this and the allure to the 59 is the fact that they are rare and for the sound.

    You don't buy an original 67 SS just to rip out the motor and make it modern w EFI.

    So based on that I would say the guitar is original as the day it let the factory.

    I'm pretty sure you've done all the google searches you could find but found this one w some good info.
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