Selling 1 VIP ticket for Eddie March 3

Friend can't make the show. I have 1 VIP ticket (wrist band) for Eddie's show March 3 in Tempe, Arizona.
Face value is $300. 


  • NitroNitro Posts: 249
    I also have an extra VIP bracelet. At this point, whatever you’d like to pay works for me.
  • scgodbold1scgodbold1 Posts: 19
    Exactly! If you're interested, give me your best offer, otherwise this ticket will go unused. That would be ridiculous! 
  • MB360MB360 Posts: 16
    I need a ticket in Tempe today !! I have been in the Ten Club since 1993. How do the wristbands work ? 
  • MB360MB360 Posts: 16
    Please message me if available. Thank you. 
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