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H.ChinaskiH.Chinaski Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,484
Got a 50's style roadworn tele recently and love it but wanna change the pickups and upgrade the saddles. It's all stock with Tex/Mex pups and whatever steel saddles. Thinking of putting in american vintage tele pups and brass saddles ala 52 RI but open to other suggestions. What'd ya think Tele, folks!? 

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  • dudemandudeman Posts: 2,044
    Nice guitar!

    I like your idea about the brass saddles and pickups too. If it were mine, I would probably install SD Quarter Pounders, but I like a hot Tele tone. They wouldn't be great if most of your playing is clean or "edge of breakup" but they really shine with the gain and volume cranked.

    GFS makes Tele replacement pickups that a lot of people on TDPRI seem to love. Pretty cheap too. Might be worth a look. Lots of good discussion on that forum.

    Good luck!

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  • DewieCoxDewieCox Posts: 10,058
    I put some Cavalier pickups (Lion King neck and Nocaster bridge) and added a Callaham bridge with compensated brass saddles. Took it from a decent vanilla Tele to a badass example of classic Tele tone.
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