The Montana Poster

I applaud Jeff & the boys for what I feel is an outstanding expression of free speech in regards to what is being considered their controversial poster.  I don't find it to be glorifying or embracing violence, but rather an accurate depiction of where our country is heading under this current "administration".  It's bad enough that Trump is an absolute moronic clown, but the fact that he is both evil and unintelligent is a recipe for exactly what is shown in the poster.

Thank you to the band for not only their music, but their tireless efforts to improve the quality of life.

See you at Wrigley.


  • MalrothMalroth broken down chevroletPosts: 2,062
    A flying tractor?
    The worst of times..they don't phase me,
    even if I look and act really crazy.
  • solsurfrsolsurfr Posts: 196
    Pearl Jam will always and forever be something very special to me because of their music. Like the band, I’m an old dog with a family who grew up with the band in 90’s. As I respect their opinions on social issues, I don’t agree with how they deliver their messages. Often their blanket statements are well-intended but also just create more divisiveness that can lead to fueling the fire of those who thrive on frusation, anger, etc. I’ll continue to support their foundation and that is great vehicle to support their social causes. From there, I’ll focus on what got me here with them — their music. 
  • GT173568GT173568 Chicago, ILPosts: 4
    As a band, their music is first & foremost.  Yet as social and political activists, Pearl Jam are simply trying to wake people up and have them take notice of the fact that we are in deep trouble.  This country is being destroyed by a mindless egomaniac who would crown himself just like Napoleon did if he could, and whose main objective seems to be undoing all the positive actions that Obama put in to place.  Personally I feel that Pearl Jam is fighting back against the conservative hordes and making it clear that all liberals will not be pushed around by a power structure that hopefully will soon crumble under the weight of all its lies and hypocrisy.
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