Bid on the last seven SMILE: CHICAGO stickers to raise money for ALS

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I have exactly SEVEN of the SMILE Chicago 2018 Peabod Man Stickers left.   On Thursday, August 23rd...there is a charity dinner to raise money for ALS and The Joe Martin Foundation in Charlotte.   Steve Gleason was at the show Saturday, and one of his best friends is going to be a guest at the table I am sponsoring. 

I requested SMILE in honor of my dad.  Long story short.
I would LOVE to auction off the LAST REMAINING 7 Stickers to raise money for this organization.   

Just as a reminder, I only printed 100 stickers and I gave away 93 stickers for free while in Chicago.   If you have one.... you have a very, very, very, very rare gift.
I passed most of them out in line at the merch tent. I passed many out in the pit on Saturday.  I gave about 10 to another 10c member to hand out on Monday. 

Let's raise some money for ALS>>>>>
100% of the proceeds will go to The Joe Martin ALS Foundation which I will present to them at the dinner on August 23rd. This Thursday.
Place your bid now on Ebay.

100% of the proceeds will go to support ALS research and home care for people like my father and Steve Gleason who are living with ALS.

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  • BlackCircleBlackCircle Charlotte, NCPosts: 289
    Apparently I'm bad at Ebay... I didn't realize I needed to create SEVEN different auctions for SEVEN separate stickers.   
    I've made the correction and you can now find all seven auctions here. 

    Remember this is for charity.   These sticker were just cheap, free give away items for me to hand out to people.  I only made 100.  
    These are the last Seven. 

    2 of 7
    3 of 7
    4 of 7
    5 of 7
    6 of 7
    7 of 7
    I'm like a tab
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