Socks for Hope

Since the ACTS part of the Forum is a place we can share not only the bands activism and giving efforts I wanted to share a Mission program I am doing with my business in hopes to give it more visibility! More visibility = more socks for the homeless.

I am a small business owner and I make women's hand-dyed apparel and accessories made from natural fibers. Last year when I learned that socks are the most needed clothing item in shelters I knew I could help as I was already selling and making socks. Right then I decided I would do a buy 1 give 1 program. You buy a pair, we donate a pair to a local homeless shelter. I am in Columbus, Ohio and I am proud to say that last year we were able to donate over 500 pairs of socks to Faith Mission and their sister organization, Choices. We hope to double that number this year! 
The socks are made from Bamboo-Rayon and are the softest socks you'll ever wear! And Bamboo has anti-microbial properties which means it absorbs sweat and stink LOL.
I continued to be inspired by Pearl Jam and their love and support of so many community projects and philanthropic efforts. 
I guess this is my small way of giving back to the community too!

These make great gifts and if you are ever looking for a unique gift that does some good in the 'hood, you can check them out here!

Thank you!


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    Love it!  Such a great idea!  Great gift idea too :-)
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