HAVE: 1 extra for Wrigley 8/20...

trapped75trapped75 Posts: 8
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NEED: 1 for Chicago 8/18.  Ideally, I’d like to trade with another awesome 10C fan.
the ticket for 8/20 is section 104, row 13.  For 8/18, I’d LOVE to be GA, but will take what I can get.  Please message me if interested.  Thank you!


  • Not original, I know, but thought it was worth a Monday bump attempt.  Thanks for reading!
  • kypjfankypjfan Posts: 15
    If you have not traded your 8/20 ticket, I'd love to buy it!  
  • Thanks kypjfan.  I’m really going to try to hold out for the trade/transfer, but I’ll let you know when/if I decide to give up and sell.  Good luck, and enjoy the show WHEN you get in!
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