Activities in Missoula

What are people doing while in Missoula in the days/hours before the show?


  • Trying to figure that out too. I couldn’t find much to do other than breweries and checking out the city. Plenty of outdoors stuff to do such as fishing, hiking, rafting which I plan on doing plenty of the day on Sunday. 
  • I get in Sunday midday, and was hoping to hike. Do you know if there is nearby hiking that doesn’t require a guide/knowledge of the area?
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    Interested in this too.. getting in Sunday evening, trying to figure out what to do between then and Monday afternoon
    i'm more a fan of popular bands.. like the bee-gees, pearl jam
  • Separately, what is the plan Monday afternoon - Wishlist? Anything else on the radar?
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    A bunch of us are going white water rafting on Sunday at this place.

    Not sure if it's too late to sign up.

    Your booking for Whitewater Raft Trip-Pearl Jam Concert has been confirmed

    Its through Montana River Guides.  It should be easy to find the website.
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    I will be in the area on Monday if anyone wants to meet up. This is my first time at this venue and GA. What time are people going to start lining up? Does it matter that much?
  • Hike to the M on Mt. Sentinel, I think.  Trailhead is by the stadium on U of M, easy 3/4 mile or so.  Top of mountain is 1.5 miles or so.  Great views.

    Drink some Cold Smoke, the best Scotch Ale around, from the Kettle House.  Go to Rockin Rudy's for some off the wall stuff.
  • CyprusCyprus Posts: 22
    Anyone around tonight (Sunday)? Looking for a good place to eat and grab a beer. 
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