Have 1 ticket for each Seattle night to sell

I have 1 GA ticket for night 1 (Aug 8) and 1 reserved seat ticket for night 2 (Aug 10) to sell for face value. If anyone still needs tickets, please let me know.


  • chris2391chris2391 Posts: 37
  • Please send me a text at 269- 598-0260. Looking for Night 1, 8/8. 
    Nick First
  • DisgruntledDisgruntled Under that sign congregatingPosts: 224
    PM sent on night 2
    Been to a bunch of shows since '96 Hartford
    Really need to see a show outside the US - maybe next time... 
  • Kjacobs13Kjacobs13 MNPosts: 6
    Is GA night 1 still available? 
  • BIGGUY69BIGGUY69 state of love and trustPosts: 13
    friday show ticket still available?  
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