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I was planning on going to both shows in Seattle, but I’m unable to make it now. I won tickets to Night 1 and sold my second ticket to someone on the boards. If I’m not able to go to the show can my 2nd ticket still be used since they’re tickets?
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    Not the way 10club intended it to work I would imagine but I have no clue how they would be able to stop you from doing so. Think about all of the transfers that are going to happen in July for single tickets. What happens if after the transfer the original ticket holder can not go? That would be a mess. Also how would they know if you went or not? Sure they could check the scanned tickets I guess but not until after the show was done and at that point it will not even matter. 

    I will let 10 club have the official word on this and I am sure they will weigh in once July is upon us but like I said I really do not see a way for them to stop this. 
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    Of course your extra can be used.  It's not contingent upon your attendence.
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    Thanks for your input, all!
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