Any My Bloody Valentine fans? US Tour this fall.

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Just got my tickets for LA in October. I can't believe they are playing 2 shows 8 miles from my house. Unbelievable. I have been waiting for this for 14 years.

Sep 19 2008 Monticello, New York
Sep 22 2008 New York, New York
Sep 23 2008 New York, New York
Sep 25 2008 Toronto, Ontario
Sep 27 2008 Chicago, Illinois
Sep 30 2008 San Francisco, California
Oct 1 2008 Santa Monica, California
Oct 2 2008 Santa Monica, California
SEA 9/20/92, SEA 12/7/93, SEA 12/31/94 (MS), SEA 11/5/00, SEA 11/6/00, SEA 12/8/02, SEA 12/9/02, BEN 10/22/03, GOR 9/1/05, SD 7/7/06, LA 7/10/06, LA 7/12/06, LA (EV) 4/12/08, LA (EV) 4/13/08, LA 7/12/08, LA 9/30/09, LA 10/7/09, SEA 12/6/13, SEA 8/8/18
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    Damn you are lucky..hope they do make a new album as they say they'd do. This is one of those bands that can't be missed and that unfortunately not everyone has heard of.
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    just got my Roseland II ticket, should be a shoegazing good time!!
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    I've been to alot of Pearl Jam shows;So fucking what.
    Just got tickets for their show in L.A.

    If anyone is going to see them, make sure your wear strong hearing protection....they are loud as fuck!
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