Eddie Vedder Sao Paulo 2018 Dan Mumford Poster

Hi there my Ten club Friends I am desperately looking for the São Paulo Night 2 Eddie Vedder solo concert poster with Dan Mumford art.

I am posting this especially for those of you who won the lottery or who know any of the winners who was not at the gig or those who have received the poster from a friend from Brazil. This is for those of you who would like to help me.

I have tried almost everything, asking help from friends if they see anybody interested in selling or exchanging the São Paulo Night 2 Eddie solo gig  poster. 
I have written to Dan telling him about my desire to acquire the ART .I've been searching eBay twice a day. I hope somebody here will be able to help me.

I am from Chile and I went to Brazil for the 3 Eddie Vedder solo concerts in São Paulo as part of my holidays together with my girlfriend. 

When I entered the venue  (Citibank Hall) as soon as I went upstairs I asked for the poster and I was informed it was already sold out. I had no clue on what to do at that moment. 

The Venue has three floors each one with its own Merchandising stand. I was on the third as soon as I noticed there were no posters on my seating level I tried to reach for the other merchandising booths but access was prohibited. As I am not a Portuguese speaker I was not able to convince security to let me into the  other levels something that locals were able to do.

The lottery was right after, for me a new hope to have the poster something that these people were able to, RESELLERS.

My story ; besides the bridge is an iconic image of the city of São Paulo  which had been in my bucket list of places to visit for years. I went to the exact location two day before the concert. The minute the image of the second night poster with the iconic bridge that I like so much came online made me really happy.

I just want the poster to frame it and have it side by side with the other two I was able to buy  and forever to remember those three nights with Eddie which by the way were my first three solo concerts. 
Thanks for reading my lines I am looking forward for any kind of help.

Best wishes for all of you
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