*** Lollapalooza Santiago, Chile Fanviews Here 3/16/18 ***

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Pearl Jam
Santiago, CL
March 16, 2018
Set List

Band On Stage 09:31
Band Off Stage 11:52

(Band comes on just as LCD Sound System ends.  Ed greets everyone with “Hola LCD Sound System and hola Santiago” and starts the opening song)

01. Corduroy
02. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
03. Nothing Man
04.  Why Go
05.  Do The Evolution
(Ed addresses the crowd in Spanish.  Sounds like he is talking about what they have been doing in Santiago and how much they like it.  In English he asks the crowd to be careful.  There is a guy with a guitar that he feels isn’t safe and has him brought out of the pit.)
06. Even Flow
07. Given To Fly
08.  Mind Your Manners
09. Unthought Known
“that one is for Stephen Hawking”
10.  Daughter/Another Brick In The Wall-part 2-(Waters)  changes lyrics to “We don’t need no gun(??)/People Leave your guns at home” 

11. Got Some

Ed asks the cameramen, Christian and Pancho to film each other as Ed introduces them and then film the crowd.  Ed asks Kille to keep the lights on the audience turned on.  I believe it is so he can see the energy of the people as the crowd is being filmed.  Might have something to do with protests as well. )
12. Can’t Deny Me
(The audience if pretty fired up and starts chanting.  Ed eventually goes into the pit and gives them a bottle of wine. Ed tries to get the crowd to quiet down so they can sing the next quiet song)
13. Lukin
14. Porch

The entire band runs offstage except Ed.  He talks to the audience in Spanish.  EV is telling the audience about the nuclear attack false alarm that Hawaii experienced and that for a while Hawaiians thought they were going die.  Boom and his wife were in Hawaii at the time.

15. Last Kiss-(Cochran)
16. Sirens (extended outro)” ‘cuz everyone of you, everyone of you has got love in this world, love in this world” outro lyrics
17. Jeremy
18. State Of Love And Trust
Ed reminds the audience that is was Jeff’s birthday a few days ago. Crowd sings a little Happy Birthday.  Ed asks “Tom” if he noticed “Ben Ober”(?) in the front row.
Ed continues talking about how Santiago is a place they could live, it is so nice.  He also thanks the other bands
19. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (Ed seems to be improvising lyrics before going into “don’t run away”)

Encore Break

Ed thanks the audience and mentions The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Roger Waters.  He say Roger is a genius.

20. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
21. Rearviewmirror
22. Alive
Ed wears a cubs helmet
23. Rockin' In The Free World-(Young) “fireworks go off during song”
(Thanks audience, until next time)
24. Yellow Ledbetter (Ed goes into the barricade area and meets the audience)

Ed thanks the audience and says he is going to have some Pisco

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Thank you, John for the set list & notes.


  • jfconnorjrjfconnorjr Posts: 485
    Crowd great and the band seemed in a good mood. 
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  • So nice to see the band live again! Great energy, and they sounded amazing!
    Only new song for me, Can't Deny Me, I still don't know how I feel about it, I'll give it some more time.
    As for the setlist, hopefully they mix it a bit for Sunday (It's a long shot, bit would love to hear  Hard To Imagine  :) )
    Highlights: Daughter's tag, Eddie got very angry and emotional, I liked how Comfortable Numb sounded, and again, the overall great mood of the band.
    Can't wait till Sunday!

  • lukemil33lukemil33 Vandalia, OHPosts: 221
    Lots of hits but I'm sure it was great for the people who were there! Band seemed to be in a good mood. Watched most of it via Periscope and Mike killed it on Even Flow and Comfortably Numb. Thanks for the setlist Sea, can't wait to see what they play Sunday!
  • ecko316ecko316 ChilePosts: 68
    Sea said:

    18. State Of Love And Trust
    Ed reminds the audience that is was Jeff’s birthday a few days ago. Crowd sings a little Happy Birthday.  Ed asks “Tom” if he noticed “Ben Ober”(?) in the front row.

    Tom was Thomas Ricketts owner of the Chicago Cubs was a guest of the Pearl Jam in the concert. And Eddie ask Tom if he noticed Ben Zobrist is in the front row because a guy with cubs uniform.

    Also Tom threw a tambourine in Rockin' In The Free World.
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  • fmillanfmillan ChilePosts: 61
    Amazing show to be at! Yes, it was a greatest hits setlist, etc, etc. but you could tell the band was having a blast. The atmosphere, the energy from the crowd, the interaction was insane so be it. I enjoyed it and took it for what it was.
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    We don't need no education 
    We don't need no thought control
    No vicious gunmen in the classroom
    Gunman leave them kids alone!!
    Gunman Leave them guns at home!!!!

    Amazingly badass and emotional Daughter tag! I believe these were it's lyrics.
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