For Sale- 1 ticket to Montana Ten Club Fans

Hi there-  wish I could make it but I'm actually marrying my sweetheart that day and need to be in Los Angeles.  I have one ticket to sell and if anybody at Pearl Jam has any idea how I can give my second pair away for free to a fan club member so it doesn't go to waste, I'm open to doing that.    Let's get in touch so when we have the option to transfer tickets we make it happen. 


  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 7,633
    Congratulations!  :plus_one:

    Fan Club tickets may be donated back to 10c. I do not know the details but there are those who do.  @Sea @Kat
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    Im intersted in your extra! Message sent...
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  • You can get married any day. PJ doesn’t play that often!
  • Im from Montana and looking for an extra ticket, still for sale?
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