ISO Faile Wrigley poster


Anyone have one that they are willing to sell?



  • cmaliszecmalisze Posts: 2,123
    PM sent
  • Philip_IrelandPhilip_Ireland Posts: 286
    edited February 15
    Am still looking. I live in Ireland but will pay postage from US. If anyone in Europe has one it would be handier. 

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  • tjk895tjk895 Posts: 192
    I have an AP
    2000: St. Louis
    2010: St. Louis
    2014: St. Louis
    2016: Lexington, Wrigley 1
    2018: Wrigley 1, Wrigley 2
  • tjk895 said:
    I have an AP
    Thanks, how much do you want?
  • Philip_IrelandPhilip_Ireland Posts: 286
    edited February 26
    These have recently sold on Ebay from $90-110. Ebay does tend to inflate prices - so, I was expecting to pay about $90 but not too much more.

  • Chris1401Chris1401 Posts: 325
    I've got one I'm not particularly tied to - still in the tube from 10c mystery box. Not so much interested in cash - let me know if you've got any vinyl to trade. 
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