PJ Guitar Tab YouTube Channel - Ryan Lendt Appreciation Thread

antares434antares434 Posts: 104
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This guy deserves a thread on the forums. His PJ tutorials are outstanding. 
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  • dpduke69dpduke69 Raleigh, NCPosts: 187
    Absolutely. Awesome channel! Seems like a cool guy.
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  • edoconedocon Posts: 114
    I couldn't agree more. Great work Ryan!
  • antares434antares434 Posts: 104
    Bumping this for all you PJ fan guitar players. This channel is mostly dedicated to the PJ catalog. He will often get into the live version of a song versus the studio recording if its more relevant to PJ fans.
  • BALLBOYBALLBOY AustraliaPosts: 758
    He has helped me learn alot of songs but his singing really puts me off & didtracts me 
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  • SalJamSalJam Posts: 113
    Ryan's a good dude. I've learned a ton from him.
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