Yellow Ledbetter rift on the last episode of friends

jonathanjonathan Posts: 20
Not a massive friends fan but I had the final episode on whalst reading and think I heard the yellow ledbetter rift. did anyone else hear it or was I just imagining things??.

Also what does everybody think about big fish / man of the hour??
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  • cltaylor12cltaylor12 Posts: 125
    I didn't watch it, so I have no feedback.

    My apologies,

  • Mr PyjamaMr Pyjama Posts: 253
    erm...that's riff, btw...
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  • ||Release_Me||||Release_Me|| Posts: 1,871
    Yeah, YL was played in the last episode. I thought it fit well actually.

    And i love Man of the Hour at the end of Big Fish. Brilliant film finished off with a perfect song.
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  • pjgf17pjgf17 Posts: 5
    i'm not a friends fan either but i heard YL and went nuts
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  • I am a Friends fan and when I heard it I thought it was the best part of the show.

    I haven't seen Big Fish, but Man of the Hour is a great cut. One of my favorites.
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  • jonathanjonathan Posts: 20
    Sorry riff, I am dyslexic
    eddie would go
  • Mr PyjamaMr Pyjama Posts: 253
    Originally posted by jonathan
    Sorry riff, I am dyslexic

    Oh sorry, hey i used to get the word wrong all of the time as well, however i am a guitarist and not
    Situations get fucked up and turned around sooner or later...
  • dreadheaddreadhead Posts: 64
    one of the most heartfelt riffs ever, you could put that in any movie/show and it would add to the atmosphere
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  • mishmoshmishmosh Posts: 47
    yes, I hardly ever watch friends, but I flukily had it on mindlessly ignoring it, when a familiar sound came to my ears.........well done producer/sound man type person. good choice
  • pj kidpj kid Posts: 26
    Yes i heard it
    the song made the last episode
    kinda good

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  • bossman3188bossman3188 Posts: 263
    its the only thing good ever to happen to the show. did i mention that was a month ago!
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  • drummerboy_73drummerboy_73 Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1,933
    Saw the episode again on a rerun tonight - Yellow Ledbetter was taken out! Weird...
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