2 Tickets for Rome to sell,

Hi, I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets for Rome, but a change in my personal agenda makes I can't attend that Show.
if you are interested, I'll sell them face value of course. 
Rome is on June 26th in the Stadio Olimpico


  • PJNBPJNB New BrunswickPosts: 4,292
    You should know that you have to be at the venue the day of the show to pick them up in order to hand them over to another fan. If you can not make it the Rome on the day of the show you will have to forfeit your tickets with no refund but 10 club will donate them to another fan if you give them a heads up. 
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  • Thanks.. I won't be able to be in Rome that day! Bummer.. It wasn't clear to me those restrictions. And what about giving the tickets for a present to a family member? How could I do that?
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