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Hi there,
I've got a problem, that I cannot enter 'tickets' page (https://pearljam.com/ten-club/tickets/upcoming-shows)  to take part in ticket drawing for europen tour 2018. Instead of this I am redirecting to  https://pearljam.com/ten-club/home. It looks like my TC membership is invalid or there are some technical issues. I don't know.
I will mention only that I am a valid TC member (yesterday I paid my TC membershib).
Any help?
Anybody has similar problem?
I wrote to TC support, but they haven't sent me any reply.

Thank you for any answer!!!


  • hi, i believe that the current pre sale is't valid for  new registration...
  • stuckinlinestuckinline Posts: 3,330
    hi, i believe that the current pre sale is't valid for  new registration...

    A Ten Club ticket drawing is being held for members active as of yesterday, November 30th, for a chance to purchase pre-sale tickets.

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    this year they invented this thing of the Eligibility, making no difference between who registered now and who have been paying for years and coming one day later, incorrect behavior that is not reported at the time of payment, i'm so sorry this is last year i give you money, you are already rich you do not need to cheat to get more money
  • I'm having problem to participate to the European ticket pre-sale drawing as well.
    When I log in and I go tho the ticket tab as per instructions I see only "member news", I can't  l find any of the option to accept the conditions and I can't move forward to the next step.
    About the eligibility isn't it open to everyone that has an active registration by November the 30th? 
    "Eligibility Requirements: Members active as of Thursday, November 30th are eligible for this drawing. New memberships and membership renewals purchased after that date are not considered eligible for this drawing."
  • yeah, really correct behavior
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