Ohana Fest Posters

erin0128elizerin0128eliz South JerseyPosts: 12
Munk One and Steve Thomas Ohana Fest Posters are available through the festival's website for $34.90:

the world begins where the road ends...

1998: Camden 1; 2006: Camden 2; 2009: EV Philly 1, Philly 2; 2010: NOLA, Newark; 2011: EV Philly; 2012: MIA Philly, Midtown Atlanta; EV Ft Lauderdale 1; 2013: Philly 1; 2014: Denver; 2015: Mexico City; 2016: Philly 1&2, Quebec, EV Ohana, TOTD NYC; 2017: HOF NYC, EV Sicily 1&2; 2018: Barcelona, Missoula, EV Ohana


  • EM194007EM194007 Posts: 2,730
    Thanks for posting this, I'm sure some on here will very pleased.
  • SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 1,898
    Thank you! Love this print but not for the $75 Thomas was charging.
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 54,379
  • FlameryFlamery New YorkPosts: 232
    They are selling other merch from the Ohana show as well, just picked up a hoodie from there
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 54,379
  • I bought this print and let my framer run with it. I had a feeling she would do something awesome and she nailed it! The picture doesn't show detail but the blue mat has a wavy/bumpy texture to it. Worth the purchase.
  • sak300zxsak300zx Posts: 720
    bejster23 said:
    That looks awesome, I love how they used the green from the wave, board shorts and flower as the inner border. One of the best frame-ups I've seen of this poster!
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