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Walking small and lost along that long, dark path
A woman stopped with a smile, and
addressed me as she passed
She said, "I've been wandering here for quite
some time now.
I still keep searching, but it seems I've
forgotten how.
It seems I didn't listen, or
at least that's what they say
What's wrong with living?"
She smiled and walked away

As I turned to continue,
I saw a man walking my direction
He opened his mouth and spoke with
such power and conviction
He said,"Why don't you go out,
and bring home the prize?
What's the use of nothing with
a little personal pride?
Can't you see it's cut throat, so
jump into the swirl!
Welcome to life.
Welcome to the real world."

I didn't know what to say,
and my uncertainty made him smile
I walked away alone and confused
I'd rather be lost for just a little while
Become a vehicle that blossoms truth and freedom
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