One day you realize the past is gone

one day you realize the past has passed
its gone
blown away like smoke
evaporated like sweat
slipped out the back door like a slouchy punk
one day you wake up 
and the sun is up
there's a white mist but no rain
the air is good, it's alive
awake with potential
have you felt it?
popping up like a shy green bean sprout
one day the world is new again
and the past has released you from your cell
forget to wait and you don't need a bus
you don't need a lift from any vehicle
you're floating and gliding with your own wings


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    I'mma slouchy punk.

    The love he receives is the love that is saved
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    Me too
  • Really enjoyed this one...thank you!
  • Really enjoyed this one...thank you!
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    I'mma slouchy punk.


    Me too

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    The air is good
    Have you felt it?

    I love that.
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        You seem like you would be a good driver to spend a ride with. I bet you don't go too fast or tailgate others. 
         I find myself in the wrong cars. Let me know if ya ever get to Michigan. I'm assuming you'd pick me up , i sure don't like driving myself. 
  • justamjustam Posts: 21,299
    I've never been to Michigan.  I guess you mean that you think I wouldn't be an impatient driver.  That's probably true. 
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