Global Citizen tickets for Eddie's solo tour?

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Anyone in here won tickets via GC to see EV this time around? If so - have you had any trouble picking up the tickets?
Apparently I won 2 tickets to see EV here in Denmark, but when I email the organizers here in Denamrk they know absolutely nothing about this. Have tried to contact GC via email and facebook, but so far no answer...
'00: London, Roskilde
'06: San Francisco I-II-III, The Gorge I-II
'06: Bern, Bologna, Verona, Milan, Turin, Pistoia
'07: Copenhagen
'09: Berlin
'10: Berlin
'12: Amsterdam I-II
'14: Milan, Berlin
'16: EV at Heartland Festival
'18: Krakow, Berlin 


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    Check out ...

    How do I claim my tickets?

    If you receive notification that you have won a drawing, click on the “Claim Your Tickets” button in the email. You will be directed to a page where you can confirm a few details and claim your tickets.

    There are two types of Rewards: those that can be redeemed through Ticketmaster and those where a winner’s name is added to the guest list.

    If your tickets are redeemable through Ticketmaster, we will give you a unique code and a link to a special page on Ticketmaster where you can select your tickets and print them at home. You will need to redeem your tickets on Ticketmaster by 2 p.m. local time on the day of the event or else your tickets will be released.

    If your tickets are on the artist’s guest list, the name associated with your Global Citizen account will be added to the artist’s guest list. Once this is submitted to the artist, it cannot be changed, so make sure your account settings are up to date with your legal name so that you can pick up your tickets (you'll need to show ID!). Once we have confirmed that your name is on the guest list, The Rewards team will send you final confirmation with detailed ticket pickup information (about 2-3 days before for the show). You will be able to pick up your tickets at Will Call about 1 hour prior to the show on the show date. 

    I’m having trouble claiming my tickets. What should I do?

    You must be logged into the Global Citizen account that is tied to the email address where you received your winner notification on the device you are using to claim your tickets.

    Email us at [email protected] with a screenshot of the issue if you have any more trouble.

    I claimed my tickets but haven’t heard anything else. What’s next?

    For winners whose names need to be added to the guest list, the Rewards team works directly with the artist’s management team to confirm that your name is on the list. This can take a few days. As soon as we confirm that your name is on the guest list, we will send you a final confirmation email with precise ticket pick-up information. 


    If no luck via email ( ) & Facebook, Twitter them.

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    Eddie Vedder (Ohana Festival)

    Dana Point, California | Doheny State Beach
    22Days Until Drawing Closes
    2Tickets Per Winner
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 54,776
    13 day's till drawing.
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