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Stumbled down the stairs
I bled
In me head i didn't know
My skin was split
Sticking to the surface
I burned like paper
Violated my veins
Drank a water
Cried wide awake
I hesitate to lie
When telling the truth
I die
Each and every time
Give me some truth
Give me some youth
I'm tired and lonely
My spirit is homely
Don't know me
Don't know you
I'm afraid of who
I'm talking too
Paranoia splits 
Traffic shifts
It's all unthought
He said laughing
Do you know
I was young
I was true

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    Some real
    Not literally some
    Its not you
    Its me
    Here we go
    Pointing at one another
    Let it rain
    I want you to want me
    As a friend
    Dawning of the spring
    Sings to me
    Where sunshine burns
    Art churns
    Developing thoughts
    That never replenish
    Depth of soul
    In a hole
    Water me now
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    Soul of mother
    Replenishes hope
    In the presence
    I hear angels
    Boys and girls
    Always still
    A pill
    It don't kill
    Out of instinct
    Telling you
    On the brink
    Of love
    Siphoning blood
    To beat
    My heart stinks
    It ascends
    But full of holes
    It sinks
    Intentions good
    Nature bad
    I started glad
    Then turned
    A garbage bag
    So never take
    What i say
    To be you
    Out of poem
    Words erode
    But mother here

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    Out of detroit
    Suburbs just miles away
    Hell from the beginning
    Excited to a fantasy
    The process of flow
    Existing in hope
    Holding on for water
    Thought become unknown
    All the way
    To the bridge
    Spread my wings
    Eclipsing lift
    From hell to heaven
    In the keys of ten
    I went
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    I am down here
    In the bag
    The needles sorround
    Jab jab jab
    I can't see
    I can't walk
    The holes in my soul
    Language i talk
    Jab jab jab
    The maggots love me
    I nurture them well
    But I'm in this bag
    Called hell hell hell
    Jab jab jab
    Lie after line
    The lightning crying
    Hesitate to waste
    Another drop

    It's my blood
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    I've fallen from the sky
    I feel a need inside
    Like time has run out
    But I'm still thinking
    And I'm still breathing
    Hello i am alive

    Let the dirt in me
    Help you believe
    That freedom
    Is to achieve

    While i drift
    From above
    I shower
    In love
    For it is
    My drug
    I do it alot
    Hug your neighbor
    And the furthest soul
    From home

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    My year is almost
    Turned to dust
    Leave my tunes
    Settle in
    Above the clouds
    Pj playing loud
    I'm proud 
    Therye sound
    Defines my youth
    Not tattooed
    Beautiful black
    Expiring future

    Rise up
    It's over
    All your pain
    Is a gift

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