*** Eddie Vedder Firenze Rocks Festival Florence, Italy Fanviews Here 6/24/17 ***

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Eddie Vedder
Firenze Rocks Festival
Florence, IT
June 24, 2017
Set List

Ed On Stage  10:40
Ed Off Stage  12:47ish
Intro Music: Tuolumne

01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
(addresses audience in Italian)
02. Wishlist
03. Immortality
04. Trouble-(Stevens)
05. Brain Damage-(Waters)
06. Sometimes
07. I Am Mine
08. Can’t Keep
09. Sleeping By Myself
10. Far Behind
11. Setting Forth
12. Guaranteed
(Ed says Italy will always mean the world to him because that is where he met his wife)
13. Rise
14. The Needle and The Damage Done-(Young)
15. {instrumental section from Ed’s version of Millworker}
16. Unthought Known
17. Black (Ed lets the audience sing the “I know someday you’ll have…”  bridge section on their own)
18. Lukin
19. Porch
20. Comfortably Numb-( Gilmour Waters)
21. Imagine-(Lennon, Ono)
22. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)
23. Last Kiss-(Cochran)
24. Untitled
25. MFC
26. Falling Slowly-(Hansard, Irglová) with Glen Hansard singing lead and playing guitar, Ed sings harmony and lead on bridge.
27. Song Of Good Hope-(Hansard) Ed sings lead, Glen plays guitar and sings harmony.
{Ed goes to the barricade and interacts with the audience while singing. For the third voice he goes back to the second barricade and stands on it.}
28. Society-(Hannan) w/ Glen Hansard
29. Smile-w/ Glen Hansard
30. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)
31. Hard Sun-(Peterson) with Glen Hansard, Graham Hopkins, Joe Doyle, Ruth O’Mahony-Brady

Glen Hansard Set List
(Glen had members of his band with him for this show)
01. When Your MInd’s Made Up
02. Revelate
03. Winning Streak
04. Say It Too Me Now {performed solo}
05. Astral Weeks-(Van Morrison)/Smile-(Ament/Vedder) {performed solo}.  Glen sings a chorus of “Smile” as the outro}
    Glen’s band comes back onstage
06. Bird Of Sorrow
07. Lowly Deserter
08. Way Back
09. Her Mercy

Glen’s Band
Graham Hopkins -Drums
Joe Doyle-Bass
Ruth O’Mahony-Brady-Keyboards

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Thanks John for the set list & notes.
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    in before Greek dude
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    MFC and Smile! 
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    During the italian speech he told that it was the first italian solo show. It is also his biggest show in terms of people attending and this could have only happened in Italy.

    He's right. We may have a complicated country, but sometimes magical things happen only here.
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    MFC and Smile! 
    I saw Smile in 2014 at an Eddie show...absolutely amazing :) 
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    Thanks Sea

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    Did he walk out into the crowd? Or go crowd surfing? 
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    sebcity said:
    Did he walk out into the crowd? Or go crowd surfing? 
    He walked into the crowd of a small reserved area in the pit to reach the rail behind that area.
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    Ed at the end of Black...... Jesus.
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  • Perfect performance, he did something different in each song, Black the best I ever seen because it was so emotional, I couldn't get everything he said about Stone if someone did please tell me. 
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    I loved the show. Everyone in the audience was incredibly happy to be there and knew every word to every song. I think the happiness and love made it through to Eddie at this difficult time. As he mentioned, there was something very unique in holding an intimate show for... 50000 people :D. Having seen 20+ PJ show and several Eddie solo shows I found myself thinking: I really should be sitting in a comfy chair in a theater right now. But that may be just that I am old and that the organization really fucked things up with keeping us waiting a ridiculous amount of time because somehow you can't have a rock concert and fireworks at the same time...

    Anyway... possibly my biggest highlight was "Untitled" before MFC, cause I love it and really didn't expect it. Then Comfortably Numb, because it was so haunting, and because the guy beside me must have been a huge pink floyd fan and he was just over the moon happy. Immortality was stunning as usual and I also loved the Into the Wild section (hoped for Long Nights!). Oh, and Unthought Known, and Imagine, and Falling Slowly! And Black (just before he started Eddie mentioned Soundgarden)! And Smile, which is considered a rarity but I always seem to get :)

    Also, was that a massive shooting star, or wayward fireworks?!

    Side note to the festival organizers: Fuck you. Seriously, you have no business organizing anything bigger than your local church Karaoke. Not even that. Annoying announcement with recommendation to drink water, but people had to stand in line for hours to get your stupid tokens and then more to get water and food. The inner pit was a mess of dust unlike any I have been in/on in thirty years of live music. We were still coughing hours later. The schedule nearly killed even my marathon-running brother. Ugh.
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    I didn't know what to expect from this show. I saw Eddie a few times during his first two solo legs in the US and wondered how a theater show could fit a festival setting. I actually thought it could have been boring to go through a 2 hour mostly acoustic set in an open air arena where Aerosmith set fire just the night before.

    Oh boy, I have never been more wrong! Eddie delivered an amazing show, with so many magic moments, at least for me, engaging the crowd as he can only do. 
    When he came up on stage he took a quick look at the crowd, then looked down and shook his head like he couldn't believe how many people were there just for him. 

    I am not posting a full review here but in summary  this show has been unexpectedly intense and emotional for me and apparently, by judging from all the reports I have read, for all who were there. 

    On a more general note I am grateful to PJ (ok this was a solo show but it's a band-related feeling) because after all these years they never cease to emotion me. They are genuine artists and they know what it means to be fans - at least this is what I like to think - and these feelings are reinforced after every live show! 

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    Perfect performance, he did something different in each song, Black the best I ever seen because it was so emotional, I couldn't get everything he said about Stone if someone did please tell me. 
    He says he borrows some Stone's chords in order to play Black with us..... but the last part of the speech was strong and really touching: "we are many, we are one, and probably all of us at one time have been through the black"

    the light in the sky right at the end of Imagine was actually a meteor... I wonder if someone told this to Eddie after the show....

    it's hard to describe this show.... we had Eddie crying after Black and songs like Lukin' with all 50.000 of us singing as if it was a PJ show.... the sing from the sky after Imagine.... I have no words.... I will remember this forever

    thanks EV!!
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    Wow, for the sound of just one man to fill a whole place like that was unbelievable, that speaks volumes especially for an outdoor venue with possibility his biggest audience solo wise to date!? Glen was awesome as well and loved Smile and there guitar shreds. Best moments:
    • The kick drum in Sometimes: Loved that ending.
    • Untitled: When he said something along the lines of "I've not practiced or played this next song in however long but it has just come to me and I feel like playing it right now. I might fuck it up but what the heck." Plus MFC straight after just because of that sweep from Untitled to MFC intro is epic. Wasn't expecting Untitled but it was brilliant.
    • Eddie saying "you have the great System of a Down and Prophets of Rage tomorrow night, and you have a guy with Ukulele tonight" haha
    • Being so close in the pit was awesome.
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    After seeing PJ many times, this was my first Eddie solo concert. And what a concert it was!!! It seemed so intimate, although there were some 50k people. Eddie seemed quite drunk in the beggining, but I think the heat during the concert sobered him up :) He even stopped during one of the first songs, I can't remember which, and said something like "f...g drinking" :get_outta_here:
    Eddie was really on fire and into it (I thought he would tear the strings on his guitars, Glen did it :)) . Black was so emotional with him crying for Chris in the end and singing "come back..."
    But the weirdest thing was the shooting star right at the end of Imagine, it was like John Lennon saying hello from heaven.
    I can't decide which song was my favourite, I liked them all.

    PS to organizers of the festival: catastrophe!! We arrived there 3 hours before the concerts and if we wanted to get something to drink or eat, there were long cues, because there were not enough stands. I've never seen such a bad organization in my 20 years of frequent concert and festival visits. But one of the best concerts I've seen has outweighted my bad mood and dry mouth. :)
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    Waited in line from 5:00am to get rail and was not disappointed. That sun though damn it was hot. For the show itself what a great experience. I am may be in the minority here but I love when he plays PJ songs and this show was full of them. Also Glen is the man! He deserves all of the respect in the world. What a performer!

    Highlights for me
    - Glen tagging an emotional Smile tag onto Astral Weeks 
    - Immortality so early in the set and great outro
    - Needle and the Damage Done with an even better jam at the end
    - Black with just Eddie was amazing. The fans singing along made this memorable as well and of course the emotional tag at the end
    - Comfortably Numb into Imagine with the comet (I did not see the comet live but the video was very cool)
    - Untitled!!!! He started to play a quick section of MFC before he went into talking a bit about the song and how he made it while driving around Italy. I thought cool MFC! Then after he was done talking he started off with Untitled. I was floored. Never imagined I would hear that song live and it was great as was MFC
    - Eddie going into the crowd like a maniac like he always does. 
    - All of the great fans we met waiting in line and at the rail. 

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