Euphoria Morning

The music for cooking tonight was Euphoria Morning

I’ve always loved the ambiguity of this album title

Morning or Mourning

So different in meaning while sounding the same

so ideal for a lyric too

to be mourning, grieving,


to be having an uplifting beginning

a euphoric sunrise

the contrast!

it’s built into this pair of words

and they were well chosen

step into the sound of songs inside this plastic case

and fall in love

the sound of the music, the voice, and the words

the songs are pure beauty

in so many of them, there is both love and sadness



  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
  • marcosmarcos Posts: 2,109
    Yeah, I was so attached to this able at that time, it meant so much to me and especially the Sunshower for Great Expectations soundtrack before it, he always got to me.

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