My 1000th post....and I wish it wasn't this!

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I've been sitting on what would be my 1000th post here for a very long time now. Perhaps for the European tour announcement (UK based)....maybe after my next PJ show. I really wanted to have something profound or meaningful to say about my 23 year relationship with this group of musicians who helped raise me and shape a lot of the person I am now.

After the events over the passed few days I felt compelled to about how this has really effected me in a big way. I'm really not one to get emotional at all when I read about anyone 'famous' passing...and there's been quite a lot over the passed 18 months.  This news through is different. I am still kind of in a state of denial this has actually happened. It's like im now in this weird parallel universe or Im about to wake up....Listening to Soundgarden or any CC is still really strange and haunting and watching PJ & (especially Eddie) sing 'Alive' actually chokes me up!

Reading all these messages, wherever they're posted....looks like I'm not alone feeling this way which has some comfort. Part of me thinks about the band, their reaction to this, what they're going through. What anyone who has had personal experience with this is feeling.

Don't really know what to say except I feel really blessed to have this gift of music for such a long time...but also the shows I've been to, the friends I've made being a part of this great community. Hope you guys are OK and finding ways to move on and up. Be good to each other :)

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    Brother, are you okay? There's a lot of of past tense talking going on there. Especially at the end. 
    Hang in there. This will get better. Maybe someday it will make sense. 
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    I'm hoping you're ok OP.

    I absolutely share your pain and confusion, I don't think any of us had prepared for a time where Chris would not be around, the thought alone was devastating, the reality is just gut wrenching.
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