Another Temple of the Dog Seattle-Tickets Seeker...

...add me to the chorus of seekers of Temple of the Dog tickets in Seattle.

Trying to keep the faith that I'll find two for either show, anywhere in the building for face value.

I've had plenty of frustrations with the legitimizing of ticket scalping over the years, but this one takes the cake. I couldn't have been more on top of the on-sale time, but tickets were unavailable literally within seconds through the TM website. I simply can't afford scalpers' pricing or travel costs to get to a show with easier-to-get tickets. Thought for sure they were going to fill in some dates on that tour and that I might have more opportunities to try my luck, but each passing day makes it look like that's not the case. Such a strange situation. I'm not a regular forum poster, but am a dues-paying ten club member, long time PJ fan, and someone who wore out the TOTD cassette in my yellow sony walkman sport in high school. If you've ended up with extra tickets somehow and aren't interested in gouging fellow fans, consider getting in touch with me!

Thanks for reading.


  • ZeldaZonkZeldaZonk SeattlePosts: 548
    Some jerk on eBay is auctioning off a pair for $1350 with a Buy It Now of $1765. It just makes me sick.
    Forever feeling the sting of Raleigh 2016
  • shorty4568shorty4568 Seattle, WAPosts: 13
    Venue is way too small for this show. Not enough seats to meet demand. Poor decision on the bands part. Still holding out hope some of these scalpers will drop day of.
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